Niktule Outdoor Camping Stove, 3000 W Portable Gas Stove Applicable for Butane Charcoal, BDZ-155-A Single Burner with Carry Bag, Electronic Ignition, Black.


About this item

  • Outdoor camping preferences: try to cook a large meal while camping and wonder which stove would be the best. This oven is your first choice due to its durability and convenience, is suitable for both outdoor camping and indoor cooking and can be used for household pots, grill nets, casseroles, stainless steel pots, kettles etc.
  • Ensure your safety: we have installed the temperature sensor and pressure control device in the portable stove to ensure your safety in unusual situations. The device immediately interrupts the gas supply and extinguishes the flame to avoid accidents.
  • Long life ignition: the electric ignition is built as a voltage lighter with a long service life. No batteries required. The ignition can be used more than 20,000 times.
  • Quick cooling openings: designed to avoid damage caused by overheating, there are several quick cooling openings on the stove, which leads to its safety and long service life.
  • Thermal power setting: you can choose between 5 power levels, with a knob next to the electric ignition button for control. 3000 W maximum power is able to meet most requirements.

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