• ★APPLICABLE TO THE LAND : The large round rubber lining at the end of the crutches is non-slip and adaptable to different terrains. Whether it’s a river, a stream, a paved road, etc., this hiking stick is ideal for you.
  • ★ ALLOY ULTRA-LIGHT ALUMINUM ALLOY : improve balance, safety, stability and endurance. Reduce stress on your thighs and keep yourself in shape.
  • ★ COMPACT DESIGN : non-slip handle, comfortable to hold, sturdy and durable.
  • ★SCALABLE:Crutches, our trekking poles have a quick locking mechanism, so you can shorten or lengthen the rod from 51 cm to 110 cm. When not in use, they are easy to telescopic, small and lightweight, and can be stored in a backpack.
  • ★ STABLE AND STURDY:The sturdy aluminum shaft of the trekking telescope is stronger than the pressure and impact of the carbon fiber, which is essential in the terrain of the Rocky Rock or higher weight hiking.

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