3 In 1 Microphone Stand Phone Clamp Mount Holder with Microphone Flexible WindScreen Arm Bracket 360 Degree Stand Accessories.


  • Features:
    – The microphone shockproof frame is suitable for microphones of 22mm-40cm, which basically meets the requirements of microphones in the market.
    – Microphone filter to prevent splashing and restore sound is your essential equipment.
    – The bracket adopts adjustable hose, which can adjust the height and angle according to your requirements.
    – Three-in-one microphone stand, including microphone shockproof stand, microphone filter screen and mobile phone clip, and the live broadcast package can be completed at one time.
    – The mobile phone clip can rotate 360 degrees, and the maximum opening range is 10cm, so it is easy and simple to hold the mobile phone.
    – The base is supported by high-quality metal, which is strong and durable, and can be installed on a plane with a thickness of less than 5cm.

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