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  • PRECISION DRIVING DUO : Take full control of the race with G923 Racing Wheel & Pedals and Driving Force Shifter
  • COMBINED FOR REALISM: Put yourself in the driving seat of a real race-car with a wheel and pedal setup complete with manual gear shifter for an immersive racing experience
  • NEXT-GEN FORCE FEEDBACK: Exclusive TRUEFORCE feedback connects directly to in-game physics for for high-definition feedback and unprecedented realism (1) (1) Compatible with most racing games on PS5, PS4 and PC, with select titles specially designed for TRUEFORCE.
  • REALISTIC RACING SIMULATION: Get off the starting line cleaner and faster; a programmable dual clutch simulates real race car launch assist right from the controller, when playing supported games
  • CONTROL THE RACE: Fine-tune your speed with a built-in LED RPM indicator; integrated PlayStation 5, PS4, PC game controls, a 24-point selector and progressive brake spring keep steering under control
  • PREMIUM BUILT: Look, feel and durability of a real race car wheel and shifter. Wheel cover, knob and boot are covered in high-quality, hand-stitched leather with a solid steel gear shaft and polished metal pedals
  • COMPATIBILITY: For PS 5, PS4 and PC. Shifter works with G923, G29 and G920 Racing Wheel & Pedals to enhance the latest PC and console racing titles


From the manufacturer

G923 trueforce racing wheel for playstation
G923 trueforce racing wheel for console and for pc
high definition G923 trueforce feedback racing wheel for console and for pc


from zoom of g923 racing wheel


Connects directly to game engines, processing at 4000 times a second to produce ultra realism and detail.

zoom of the back of g923 racing wheel


Get off the starting line faster with maximum traction and minimum smoke in supported games.

from zoom of g923 racing wheel

Complete control

Maintain control at high speeds with a 24-point selector, RPM LEDs, game controls, and progressive brake.

zoom on the leather wheel of g923

Crafted with Premium Materials

Refreshed with brushed metal wheel, hand-stitched leather wheel cover, and polished metal pedals.

a woman driving g923 racing wheel for playstation and pc

Total Wheel Control

Control wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels, and button customization via software for PC.

screenshot of logitech g hub software for g923 racing wheel

Customize With G HUB

Take total control of your rig. Adjust wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels and button customization via G HUB Gaming Software for PC.

zoom of the rev indicator of g923

Built-In Rev Indicator

Color LEDs show your RPM range right in your line of sight for supported TRUEFORCE games.

zoom of the pedals included with g923 racing wheel

Progressive Brake Pedal

Accurately mimics the performance of a pressure-sensitive brake system for a real racing experience.

high definition G923 trueforce feedback racing wheel for console and for pc

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