Water sports enthusiasts, as well as professional swimmers, must have swimming goggles in their arsenal . They are a protective barrier for the mucous membrane of the eye. Seals swimming goggles are suitable for use in natural bodies of water and swimming pools.

High-quality materials were used for the production of this sports accessory. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which has high impact strength. Polycarbonate lenses absorb UV radiation, so the eyes will be protected from ultraviolet rays. Also, the lenses do not distort the image, allowing the swimmer to see the clearest possible picture.

The ergonomic shape of the glasses contributes to a comfortable fit and tight fit. The durable silicone strap is complemented by a convenient size adjustment system. The split strap on the back of the head will prevent the glasses from slipping. A variety of colors will allow you to choose the necessary item of equipment that will perfectly complement sports ammunition.

Additional features:
Lens material: Polycarbonate Frame
material: Plastic
Strap material: Silicone

Seals Model

3801, 3807


Mix 01, Turquoise, Blue, Grey, Pink, Black

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